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Renewable Energy

A type of energy that comes from natural sources, such as the wind, sun or water. Some of the most common types of renewable energy include solar energy, hydroelectric power and hydrogen. Renewable energy is a preferred energy source over many types of energy commonly used to day because it is virtually unlimited. The environment continues to provide the sources of energy like these, ensuring there will always be plenty of resources to go around.

Road Grading

A process used to level land surfaces for paving, restore current roads to original driving surface or provide necessary drainage for roadways. The procedure for road grading involves the use of heavy machinery, including a motor grader that removes potholes and other road depressions by filling them with appropriate material before paving. Road grading success is dependent on the amount of moisture on the road base during grading, the weather conditions and the speed of motorists during the process.

Roll-Off Containers

Special containers, often waste receptacles, designed to be rolled on and off of transport vehicles. The containers come in a wide range of shapes and sizes, but are typically too large and heavy to be transported through other means. The containers are carried on the flatbed of the truck, and then lifted and carefully rolled off the trailer when they make it to their location. A permit is usually required to have a roll-off container at your home or business.

Rubbish Removal

The process of removing unwanted items and trash from a home or business. Rubbish removal is typically handled by a professional waste management service that provides customers with specific guidelines as to how to collect rubbish and place it curbside for pickup. In some cases, rubbish removal might require special handling, such as in the case of hazardous waste. It might also involve taking some items to a recycling center to remake them into new products.