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Composite materials used in construction that might be composed of sand, gravel, concrete or other substances. Aggregates typically work as foundation material to provide support and reinforcement to a structure. They may also be mixed into asphalt and concrete for a variety of construction projects. Aggregate hauling if usually done with a 30 to 40-foot tractor trailer that can accommodate up to 25 tons of material, which allows for both the efficient transport and dumping of these heavy materials.

Appliance Removal

The safe disposal of appliances from a residential or commercial property. According to the EPA, and appliance may pertain to any sort of refrigeration or air conditioning device. These appliances might include (but are not limited to) household refrigerators and air conditioning units, car air conditioning units, commercial refrigerators and freezers for retail food and cold storage warehouses. Units must be rendered for “safe disposal” before they are allowed to go to scrap or a landfill.